Here at the Kravis Prize, we’re proud that our winners continually lead the dialogue on international development issues. In honor of Children’s Day in India this past Monday, Pratham CEO Madhav Chavan contributed an article to the Hindustan Times, discussing the future of education.

Chavan commended the increasing strides towards breaking down technological and economic barriers to knowledge, but acknowledged that there is still much more to be done:

“The education system tries to fit the technology to serve its dead content and dull processes that deliver a linear curriculum rather than taking advantage of the randomness of access to live knowledge that the technology facilitates. Using ICT without changing the mindset about education will not improve the system of education. The tablet alone is unlikely to cure the patient. It requires a change of lifestyle as physicians often say.”

The Hindustan Times and Indian Express also published articles by Pratham members, MIT Professor Abhijit Banerjee and Accountability Initiative Director Yamini Aiyar, who discussed public versus private schools and India’s Right to Education Act.

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