2010 Kravis Prize winner Pratham is constantly innovating in order to improve education in India. For example, Pratham’s flagship program Read India cooperates with schoolteachers, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation and village communities in order to help children between the ages of 6 to 14 read, write and learn basic mathematics.

Pratham CEO A Seshadri discussed the program:

“We trained volunteers from each village to teach the children in their village at government school premises. Group of young volunteers from remote villages around T Narsipura came forward.”

According to Seshadri, volunteers receive computer and spoken English training, instead of payment, which will aid them in the job market. Read India holds classes in the evening after school hours. One of its programs, Kannada Vachana Karyakrama, aims at building language skills in children to correct the graded difficulties at different levels of reading and pronunciation, while another program Nagu Nagutha Ganitha teaches math through a child-led model.

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