Impact Of Kravis Prize Recipients

To date, Kravis Prize Recipients have impacted more than 700 million people across 5 continents (Africa, North America, South America, Asia, Europe), and in more than 100 countries.


Impact of the Kravis Prize on Recipients

Read about the impact the prize has had on nonprofit leaders and changemakers from around the world.

Poverty, disease, illiteracy, violence—how can we (as educators, students, philanthropists, social innovators) work together to alleviate these persistent, devastating human conditions?

Hiram Chodosh

President, Claremont McKenna College

Winning the Kravis Prize in Leadership has been a real game changer for Helen Keller International and has helped the world learn about our transformational work. The generous cash award has allowed us to proceed with a critically needed infrastructure upgrade that will pave the way for future growth, leading to greater impact.

Kathy Spahn

President & CEO, Helen Keller International

There are two things that are perhaps most important to the health and success of an NGO. First, the recognition of your work by an organization with a reputation for high standards and rigorous, comprehensive evaluation. And second, an infusion of unrestricted funding at a point in a nonprofit’s growth when it has the greatest potential to leverage pivotal change.

Robin Smalley


I would like to highlight three features of the Kravis Prize that I appreciate very much:

1. The Kravis Prize is personalized. It has given me the opportunity to interact directly with its leaders and other Awardees to exchange views and ideas in a very personal way. The Recipient Retreats have been wonderful opportunities.

Vicky Colbert

Founder, Fundación Escuela Nueva

The Kravis Prize has been very important to me and to the Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL).  First, the Kravis Prize gave AIL and me a lot more publicity and a lot more exposure, which meant that I was able to meet more donors and grantors to support AIL. Although AIL was respected, it was even more respected. 

Dr. Sakena Yacoobi

Founder and Executive Director, Afghan Institute of Learning

Receiving the Kravis Leadership Prize was a wonderful surprise. This recognition put a spotlight on BRAC which was not so well known in the US then. The Prize came to me at a perfect time – I used the $250,000 cash award as seed funding for new BRAC affiliates in New York and London.

Sir Fazle Abed

Founder and Chairman, BRAC

We’re honored and grateful to receive the Kravis Prize. This is a testament to the amazing work of our board members, staff, and mentors in 22 countries who have helped thousands of entrepreneurs to think big, achieve their dreams, and pay it forward in their communities.

Linda Rottenberg

Co-Founder & CEO, Endeavor

We’re building societies through community organizations, and diverse groups of people in the communities are coming together to overcome differences. We bring people out to talk about child protection rights, gender equality, and health issues like clean water. The program inherently has a convening power.

Johann Olav Koss

Founder & CEO, Right to Play

INJAZ is honored to count itself a Kravis Prize winner amongst the exceptional body of fellow recipients. This prize is truly an innovative and impactful development in the field of NGO support. The award enables organizations to scale in ways that are not possible through traditional funds or grants.


The Kravis Prize was the first ever international recognition Pratham received, which may have opened doors for subsequent awards that have been coming every year. If the prize was precious, the warmth and the support that came from the Claremont McKenna College leadership support program has been invaluable. It is good to be in a place where someone appreciates your work but it is even better to be in a place where they also say, come let us find out how you can do better.

Dr. Madhav Chavan

Founder, Pratham

Receiving the Kravis Prize made an enormous difference to FAWE. It significantly raised and continues to raise FAWE’s profile and visibility, especially in the West. For instance, after we received teh Prize in 2008, FAWE joined the CGI initiative and pledged to support the empowerment of women through various commitments to education.

Hendrina Doroba

Executive Director, FAWE

The Kravis Prize has had a very considerable positive impact on Landesa (formerly the Rural Development Institute), which was the inaugural awardee, and the Prize is regularly cited in our public communications, briefings and grant proposals.

Roy Prosterman

Founder and Chair Emeritus of Landesa, Landesa