Students at CMC

With its emphasis on liberal arts and leadership development, Claremont McKenna College invests heavily in its students, providing them with rewarding summer internship opportunities with Kravis Prize recipient organizations. Since 2010, CMC has offered subsidized summer internships to students interested in working with Kravis Prize recipient organizations.

These are competitive summer internship opportunities, where selected students receive a stipend to work with these recipient organizations around the world. Our internships range from near to far, with domestic locations in Seattle, New York, and Los Angeles and international locations in Bogota, Amman, Dhaka, Mumbai, Zanzibar, Bangalore. Once they arrive, Kravis Prize Interns work with extraordinary leaders in the nonprofit sector and learn from their best practices in leadership and management.

As of January 2015, Claremont McKenna College has sent 18 students on internships with seven of our past Kravis Prize recipients. Kravis Prize Interns return to campus with a deeper understanding of how to affect positive change in the social sector and a grasp of the current state of world affairs. Students returning from these Kravis Prize internships recount how they have learned from their meaningful job responsibilities, leadership development, and their exposure to organizational leadership dynamics from within these organizations.

Applications for the internships are accepted at the beginning of spring semester every year. Students are welcome to attend the annual Kravis Prize Internship fair held at the end of the fall semester each year. For more information, find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with @KravisPrize and #KravisPrizeInterns.