During her recent travels to the U.S. to receive the 2011 Kravis Prize in Leadership, Vicky Colbert visited Claremont McKenna College and spoke with students Cody Chang and Nikki Holzberg. In the video below, Colbert talked about the benefits of the Kravis Prize and its positive effect in allowing the Escuela Nueva to create change in the field of education.

Colbert stressed the importance of Escuela Nueva’s cooperative learning approach, saying that students who dialogue with one another and learn to work with and accept each other’s ideas, will start to develop citizenship skills that lead to increased participation in their communities and the development of peaceful democracies. Escuela Nueva, said Colbert, is creating a new generation of leaders through democratic classroom elections that are providing a cultural shift in Latin America to promote cooperation and peaceful dialogue.

Click on the video below to see Vicky Colbert’s interview. You can also view more videos on Colbert and Escuela Nueva here.