Here at the Kravis Prize, we are proud that our winners contribute to cutting-edge research in areas of international development. In July 2011, the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) launched a new research series for its Strengthening Gender Research to Improve Girls’ and Women’s Education in Africa Initiative. The initiative, supported by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, “promotes girls and women’s education through the integration of gender into education policy and practice in sub-Saharan Africa.”

FAWE is already a leader in research on gender equality in education. The first volume of the FAWE Research Series compiled eight studies undertaken in over 20 African countries from 2009 to 2010, targeting key issues such as:

“What is the relationship between a student’s gender and academic success? What are the factors contributing to the gaps in academic attainment between girls and boys? Is there a pattern to these relationships and factors across African countries?

Why are girls and women less likely to choose science, mathematics and technology subjects at secondary and tertiary education levels? What social processes within learning institutions can enhance the participation of girls and women in education?

What coping strategies do women employ to ensure they succeed in their university studies? And what are their career prospects once they graduate from higher education?”

FAWE put out a call for proposals for its latest research initiative on September 29. Learn more about the research series here.

And to learn more about FAWE and how it’s educating women and girls across Africa, visit: