Kravis Prize winners are tackling pertinent social issues throughout the world. For example, 2010 Kravis Prize winner Pratham has been praised for its innovative solutions in education. Pratham Books’ latest initiative, Awareness Today for a Greener Tomorrow, aims to kill two birds with one stone by promoting environmental awareness and literacy. According to the Hindu, Pratham Books is releasing environmentally themed books as part of its campaign. Manisha Chaudhry, head of content development at Pratham Books, said:

“We are doing this in a way that is natural and real, rather than teaching them lessons in morals and ecology. We hope the books will make readers respect wildlife. We want the children to know that like us, animals too have many dimensions to them. We can make children more sensitive towards them.”

Since 2011 was named the “International Year of the Forest” by the United Nations General Assembly, Pratham Books is holding different events throughout December to spread awareness for a greener world. Head on over to their website to check out the events and conservation tips! You can also learn more about Pratham here.

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