Kravis Prize winners are effecting change all around the world – and prominent policymakers are taking notice!

For example, Claver Issa, acting permanent secretary of Rwanda’s Ministry of Education, commended the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) Rwanda Chapter at the organization’s seventh General Assembly earlier this month. Issa noted that the ministry is working to develop a special education policy with FAWE that targets all children with special needs.

He added that FAWE Rwanda “has contributed much to the national steering committee in the promotion of girls’ education where schools competed and those who won awarded prizes with the help of the First Lady.”

At the assembly, FAWE Rwanda Chairperson Rhona Nyakurama also shared the organization’s progress. The school is currently sponsoring 6,555 students in 62 schools around the country. Since the establishment of FAWE Rwanda, around 86 percent of the girls who have graduated were able to join higher institutions of learning. In addition, FAWE Rwanda has been able to mobilize girls’ education at the primary and secondary school levels, with 52 percent of girls now at the primary school level!

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