Did you know that in resource-poor countries, in the absence of tests and treatment, 40 percent of children are infected with HIV? Thankfully, 2012 Kravis Prize recipient mothers2mothers is working to fill this gap through its treatment clinics across sub-Saharan Africa.

The exclusive video is a conversation between Marie-Josée Kravis, selection committee chair for the Kravis Prize and senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, and mentor mother Tlalane Phafoli. Phafoli discussed m2m’s programs and the United Nations goal to end pediatric AIDS by 2015:

“Right now, I think, mothers2mothers, we are in seven countries. Over a million women are HIV-positive and there are still a lot out there that are not being reached, which really is a pity.”

She also shared her own experience:

“After the tests were confirmed that I am HIV-positive, all I wanted was to die. I can tell you it wasn’t easy. … Look, I’m still standing, I have a job, I’m able to look after my own child. The minute they see me, that I get up every morning, I carry my bag, I go to work. And not just in work, the clinic, which is the most important place in the community. I’m talking on behalf of the 1,500 mentor mothers who are out there doing the work.”

Thanks to m2m, Phafoli and her fellow mentor mothers are able to inspire, educate and guide HIV-infected women receive proper care and treatment! A true Kravis Prize winner.