Pratham, the 2010 Kravis Prize recipient, is a renowned leader in the field of education, and frequently praised for presenting innovative, low-cost solutions for mass literacy and numeracy in the developing world.

The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) recently announced Pratham CEO and co-founder, Madhav Chavan as this year’s winner of the WISE Prize for Education. According to an article in MarketWatch, the WISE award was established in 2010 to recognize “world-class” contributions to education.

This prestigious accomplishment reflects Chavan’s dedication to social justice, and his application of years of scientific training to develop systems that revolutionize access to education in the world’s most impoverished areas.

“Just like you need air, just like you need water, just like you need food, you need education,” he has said. The WISE announcement singles out Pratham’s work in the slums of Mumbai, noting that its students perform at a higher level than other children in their age group.

Chavan and the Pratham team have long been winners to us, and the Kravis Prize is proud to congratulate them on this latest recognition.

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