2011 Kravis Prize recipient, Vicky Colbert of Colombia, is a renowned innovator in the field of education. As the founder of Fundacion Escuela Nueva (FEN) and the co-author of the Escuela Nueva (or “new school”) model of education, Colbert has dedicated her life to improving the quality and relevance of basic education in schools that serve low- income students.

Pearson Education, the world’s leading education company, recently launched a campaign to promote affordable learning, featuring Fundacion Escuela Nueva as a quality service provider in Colombia.

In a case study on their website, Pearson Affordable Learning described the evolution of Escuela Nueva from a local initiative into a national policy in Colombia.

According to Affordable Learning, this is “How it works”:

In all programs, Fundación Escuela Nueva strives to improve the quality, efficiency and sustainability of rural and urban basic education, formal and informal. It does this by implementing the New School learning model which is cost effective, replicable and scalable. They work with students, teachers, educational administrators and communities to transform conventional schooling and the learning process. This is achieved through enhancing curriculum and classroom strategies through renovated teaching practices and experiential teacher training.

We applaud Vicky Colbert for her continued success with the Escuela Nueva education model, and the Kravis Prize is proud to congratulate Colbert on being recognized by Pearson Education.

To visit the Affordable Learning page and learn more about the FEN case study please visit: http://bit.ly/Xibv1z