2012 Kravis Prize recipient organization mothers2mothers and 2010 Kravis Prize recipient organization Pratham have recently gained significant support from celebrities in the U.K. in raising attention for two upcoming charity events that will benefit their organizations.

In honor of Mother’s Day, mothers2mothers will auction off designer clothing and other items donated by celebrities in order to support the organization’s work to improve the quality of life for thousands of HIV-infected women around the world. Celebrity donors include Annie Lennox, Colin Firth, and former Spice Girl Emma Bunton.

“I’m delighted to support mothers2mothers by offering this autographed package of ‘King’s Speech’ memorabilia,” Firth said. “I have enormous respect for the work mothers2mothers is doing to protect babies from HIV, and hope this auction is a great success.”

Pratham UK also announced an April 24 Fashion Event in London in order to raise money for the organization’s efforts to boost literacy and arithmetic skills among children in rural and urban India.

Numerous Bollywood and local celebrities are expected to attend the event, which will also showcase clothing and jewelry by famous

Indian designers (including designer Payal Jain) and feature a performance by the “Got To Dance” TV stars known as “Pulse Collective.”


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