In 2008, when Johann Olav Koss’s organization Right To Play set a goal to reach one million children weekly, the number was still a distant dream. This month, in the buildup to this week’s award ceremony for the Henry R. Kravis Prize in Leadership, Right To Play has announced that this is a dream no longer: The organization has finally achieved that milestone.

Right To Play, which works to teach life skills to urban youth around the world through games and sports, has grown significantly in the decade since its founding. In addition to reaching one million children (of which 49% are girls), as of 2012 the organization can boast that:

  • Over 13,500 local volunteers serve as Right to Play Coaches, of which 56% are female. These coaches not only lead the local programs, but also serve as mentors for the children they work with
  • Right To Play now includes 6,300 Junior Leaders, some as young as eight, who serve as role models for their peers
  • 10,300 children with disabilities now participate in Right To Play’s programs in over 20 countries

So what’s next for the organization? Right To Play hopes to reach two million children weekly by 2017.


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